Oooh Something Shiny

We love sharing some of the juicy details of the newest projects we've finished. Our most recent project was for a new internet start up named Visual Sheets.

Visual Sheets provides a unique service. They help businesses and governments consume and parse files of all types. It doesn't sound like much. But for example; when an indivual is asked to provide data in a free form spreadsheet it's likely they won't do it in a way that's conducive to the indivual that asked for it.

The number of columns and column names will be different. The data might not be formatted right. You get the idea.

So Visual Sheets came up with a method that allows the individual who is asking for the data to provide the idea of what a perfect upload looks like. The user can upload whatever they have. Then (without us sharing more info than we're allowed) the system uses comlex AI to decipher and parse the uploaded information. The cleansed information is then formatted to match the individuals perfect upload and business can continue.

Coffield Web helped create the JavaScript UI in VueJS and helped build various back end pieces using Python.

We also helped create the module ecosystem to allow third party developers to access the Visual Sheets API and harness the parsing power of the system.

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