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TCT Risk Solutions

TCT Risk Solutions is the brain child of Dr. Randy Thompson. It started as an idea resulting from credit unions needing assistance managing balance sheet, loan, regulatory and environmental risk. For years TCT created advanced tools and processes in Excel that helped hudreds of credit unions all over the United States.

Coffield Web was hired to translate these complex tools into web based experiences. Using Drupal, VueJS, Apache Solr, and the AWS Cloud we were able to deliver a suite of powerful web tools. Our solutions are helping TCT to experience growth in every aspect of their business.

Search Engine

TCT wanted to create a search engine to help their customers quickly find relevant information among the thousands of pieces of information TCT publishes each year. But they also wanted to index great articles from other sources. So Coffield Web created a search engine solution combining Apache Solr and the Python Scrapy framework to easily combine the two sources.

Web Based Tools

Coffield Web had the challenging task of converting the entire arsenal of TCT tools from their Excel sources into easy-to-use web experiences. We accomplished this task by utilizing the incredible flexibility of VueJS. VueJS is a wonderful choice when creating multi-step online tools. Keeping state between the interfaces, reactive variables, and a great module structure make creating complex tools simple.

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